Michael Zigomanis

Hello! Today at naked athletes videos we bring in front of you one guy that you are not going to forget about very soon: Michael Zigomanis. Is the be a newst member of the hockey national team and we all know that you’ve wondered for a while now what did this sexy man have under his clothes. Aand because of that we decided to make you all a little surprise in this update and we put some cameras in his locker room and in this bath room! He does not know that he is being filmed and because of that, he is not going to be really shy about his custom after a hard practice or game. We invite you to see this hockey player exposing his dick and arse! We think that he but is going to be voted the cutest but ever! Just click on that play button on the screen and let the action start.

As our naked athletes cameras start rolling you see him coming into the locker room, all tired and wanting to get into the shower because he is freezing. He is going to take off all that gear that he is always wearing and we think that you are going to be very surprised when you see this sexy god naked. He looks like Adonis and we don’t think that you will not agree with us on this. Enjoy it and see you soon!


Take a look at this hockey player exposing his dick and arse!